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The BIG PHOTO PREMIERA project is the first and only public non-commercial initiative in Russia to organize museum-level exhibitions, designed to support modern domestic photography and acquaint a wide audience with the work of both young and already established authors. The BIG PHOTO PREMIERA plans to hold exhibitions at the leading museum venues in Russia, which will emphasize the high level of the participants and the overall status of the project, and will also contribute to the formation of the image of modern photographic culture in Russia.
All expositions will be available in modern 3D/VR
formats, and a specially created Internet portal will allow you to follow the further career of the participants of the "GREAT PHOTO PREMIERE" and the development of author's photo stories.

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Artist of genuine beauty

Samat, without exaggeration, is the star of modern photography. The main task that the artist sets himself is to show the world as it is. As a rule, the viewer sees a digital photo already processed, all colors are “pulled out”, “twisted” for greater effect. Classical photographers have always shown "true" colors and shades. In this sense, Samat is the last samurai, the carrier and promoter of classical analog photography, the philosophy of digital “non-interference” in the creative interaction between the Artist and the Creator. It can be said that it acts as a guide to the world of Divine beauty and gives a tired city dweller the opportunity to enjoy the true beauty of Nature without digital intermediaries and surrogates.

«Perhaps the main feeling that guides me in creating a work is the feeling of color, color form, texture. My task is to convey to the viewer as accurately as possible the music of color created by Nature and heard by me in the most distant and beautiful secluded places of our earth,” says Samat.

To do this, the photographer uses a very labor-intensive manual printing technology on the unique Sibachrome paper. This paper is no longer produced today, its production was stopped several decades ago, and the printing process itself is very harmful and takes a lot of time.

«There are still a couple of authors working in the Sibachrome technique left in the world. The color symphonies of Nature can also be played on ordinary instruments, but I prefer the Stradivarius,” emphasizes Samat.

Today, almost every mobile phone is equipped with a camera, but can everyone become an artist? We hope that the public will be able to find out the answer to this question at the exhibition of Samat’s works “Symphony of Light».

About the author

pan 19204


Samatr was born in 1954 in the Ulyanovsk region, spent his childhood in the countryside. The visual perception of the world was formed through the contemplation of meadows raging with flowers, dewy fields, pre-dawn fogs dressed in autumn colors of forests, thin streams flowing from pure untouched springs. The future photographer has always wanted to share beauty and
the uniqueness of the moments of communication between people and the outside world, in order to express its transience and fragility.
He began taking photographs at the age of 13, after he was presented with a Smena camera.
In his early years, Samat was fond of literary creativity, then he began to independently engage in fine arts. At the same time, he was interested in technology and as a result chose a technical form of fine art - photography.
For decades, the author independently studied the theory and practice of photography, improving his skills in photography and photo printing.
In the 80s he worked in journalism, made photo reports. He then acquired skills in black and white printing and retouching.
In the 1990s, in the late 2000s, he became interested in the unique Sibachrome printing method. In Russia, this technology was not available, and then Samat went to study. His teacher and mentor in mastering this difficult printing method was the famous American landscape photographer Christopher Burkett. Returning to my homeland Samat converted his laboratory to a sibachrome printing house and began to receive his own prints. The photographer is confident that the Sibachrome method of manual printing currently surpasses any existing methods and processes both in color reproduction and in the preservation of the realized prints. Their unsurpassed quality in terms of light transmission, purity of colors, contrast and sharpness of the image, subtle image, ideal for the artistic transmission of the beauty of the surrounding world.

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    • Дорогие друзья! Большая страна для каждого начинается с его малой Родины. Мы гордимся, что живём на удивительной земле коренных малочисленных народов Севера, ценности которых неизменны. Трудолюбие, любовь к Родине, преемственность поколений для всех нас являются примером жизненной мудрости и стойкости. И фотовыставка «Чукотка. Эпическая сага. Вступление», попытка рассказать об этой удивительной территории, и ее людях. Авторам,  удалось, в своих работах очень тонко  подчеркнуть симбиоз прошлого и настоящего. На Чукотке это настолько органично,  что порой не понятно где заканчивается прошлое и начинается настоящее. Здесь, идет добыча полезных ископаемых, а по соседству, как и сотни лет, пастухи уходят далеко в тундру вслед за оленями. Мощные корабли привозят тысячи тон груза, а на байдарах уходят морские охотники, чтобы добыть кита. Уникальная земля, упорные, смелые, талантливые люди, с открытой душой и горящим сердцем. Благодаря им не прерывается связь времён, крепнут нити, связывающие поколения и традиции.
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